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Views of Fiberglass roofing where bending has presumably caused creasing.

The damage, assumed to have been caused by bending, occured near the center of the span, either in shipping or at the factory. When installed, it happened to coincide with a purlin. From the photos it can be seen that some of the damage is near a screw fastener, and some not. The damage appears like scratches and is smooth on the bottom, but rough on top.

Ordered Sep 10 for Sep 13, 2007 delivery
Delivered Sep 18 damaged
2nd panel deliveed Sep 27, also damaged
3rd panel delivered Oct 4, damaged as shown in photos.

Fiberglass Roofing
full width of installed panel (showing: creased corrugations??)
Fiberglass Roofing
Closeup of creased corrugation nearest panel edge by tarpaper (but not near fasteneer)
Fiberglass Roofing
Closeup of second creased corrugation (silicone around screw)
Fiberglass Roofing
Closeup of third creased corrugation
Fiberglass Roofing

2 creased corrugations (also not near screw fasteners)

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