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Moebius Trip
Moebius Trip
36 x 40 x 11 inches
(91 x 103 x 27 cm)
Moebius Trip is a large Moebius strip assembled from several hundred (243) identical pieces. To me, it had often seemed impossible to make a Moebius strip using multiples of only one shape.  I had often considered it but each time rejected the idea as probably impossible.  But one day a mathematician friend, Roger Servranckx, was looking at an earlier sculpture, UndulEight, and asked why I didn't make a Moebius strip.  He wasn't convinced by my argument about its impossibility, and returned later that day with a paper model that, to me, strongly indicated that it might be possible.  A few more models from both of us, intermingled with calculations from Roger showed that it would be indeed possible to create a Moebius strip  from identical pieces, and the detailed planning and construction began. Have a look at the essay on the construction of Moebius Trip.

photo © copyright 2001 Robin Gerke
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