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Transformed kitchen
Once again we spent Thursday and Friday getting ready for the Sat - Sun Gabriola Thanksgiving tour that sees about 300 art enthusiasts pass through the house during those three days. This year we printed sculpture postcards of the 12 most recent sculptures and had them, as well as Naomi's books and the sculptures, for sale on the tour.
Living Room
for sculptures
It was amazing how a simple thing like reversing a couch could free up so much space
Two of the newest
Square One and Plane Sailing are on the right near the door to the back deck.
Studio lights
Proper studio lighting is still on the to-do list, but this year we brought nearly all the household moveable lights into the studio. "So Inclined" in the middle of the wall on the left is the newest sculpture.
Open studio
Not having a marble, glass, or bronze sculpture for this sculptural plinth, I tried various folded paper pieces until settling on this sculptural ikebana piece, that is until it sold on the second day, when I replaced it with a beautiful piece of coral.
View from rear
of studio
The studio has never looked bigger, mainly because we removed all the day-to-day furniture and stretched the display out. A September garage sale turned up the perfect table for displaying Plane Sailing
Naomi working
before crowds arrive
The Thanksgiving Art Tour can be exhausting, because so many more people come through the studio than on an ordinary day. Once people start to arrive, there is almost always someone here until closing time at 4pm. But in the slow moments, Naomi proofread a book manuscript, and I worked on the design of the next two sculptures.
First guests
One of the best things about these art tours are the questions. They are often not new questions, but they always inspire a desire to explain in a new way, clearer, shorter (if possible), and new so as not to bore me.
Ten's a crowd
Sometimes it seems as though people must have arrived in a bus. When it is this busy I wish there were more of me, though it is interesting how a response to an individual's question can sometimes turn into a conversation with everybody.
Looking at the
Every year I plan on taking more photos during the tour, but when there is opportunity no one is there, and when people are there, it seems like I should be paying attention to visitors, not f-stops.
Camera toting

After a quick lesson from a friend on portrait photography the day before, I progressed sufficiently far to carry the camera most of the next day, but, being sensitive about the difficulty of merging these two roles, sculpture-comentator and photographer, I ended up taking even less photos than usual this day. Next year!
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