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PAUL BORCHERT Unbelievable! Awesome! And not only that - Wow!
CAROL BOYCE To make wood flow is a unique gift.
STUART BOYCE Complex simplicity - quite a feat!
HOWARD BREEN One of Artworks' trail blazers.
GARY GEDDES A Poet in wood
BETTY GIBB One of the most beautiful exhibits McPherson has ever shown. Extraordinary.
SHIRLEY LANGER A visual and tactile feast
SARAH MACMILLAN Brilliant - never seen anything like it.
TAMMY MOON I never dreamed such things could be done in wood.
CONSTANCE MUNGALL Beautiful in both form and craft.
SHEILA ROSE RICHARDSON Such elegance and beauty. A feast for the senses.
THERESA ROTHENBUSH So beautiful. Biology, Math, patterns. There are flocks of people looking at your work
MARTIN SEGGER We're honored to host this show.
DON and MORAG ORR STEVENS Excellent art.
BRENDON TERRY Excellent marriage of math and art
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