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Sliced Ice
All the remaining pieces originally cut for All Is Number have now been cut into six pieces and graded and bundled according to quality. Many of the long pieces would have been unuited to All Is Number because of flaws (warps, cracks, knots, etc), but by cutting them into small pieces, much of almost every piece was usable, and the rejects still functioned in other capacities (test pieces, spacers, etc).
Sliced Ice
The next stage was to glue the units into groups of four identical boomerang-like sections, with each group having two fewer units than the last.
Sliced Ice
glued slices
Once the slices were all glued, alternative arrangements for gluing sometimes suggest themselves, but this time the original intent won out. The stacks of units at the bottom, turned out to be sufficient to do another sculpture.
Sliced Ice
Sanding was easy to do in a simple jig, reducing to almost nil any sanding that had to happen after gluing
Sliced Ice
Clamping was also easy, though it was always necessary to keep making adjustments wherever reality had intervened on theoretical accuracy.
Sliced Ice
The stand Sliced Ice is sitting on blends in with the sculpture. The last stage after the sculpture is finished is taking photographs, snapshots and studio versions to use for the webpage. After that, there is nothing to do but look at the sculpture, noting any ideas for future sculpture, and wait for its eventual departure to a new home.
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