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Accordion, 1998 (20 x 20 x 20 cm)
Almost all of Elias Wakan's geometric sculptures and designs are finished by sanding, beginning with #60 and progressing through #80, #100, #120, #150, and finishing with 220 grit sandpaper. There are no chemical finishes applied on top of the wood - so the surface is naturally aging hemlock; and as anyone knows who has seen naturally weathering hemlock on an ocean beach, you can't reproduce those lovely shades and tones with tradtional wood finishes. As compensation for the pleasure of having natural wood, care must be taken when handling and displaying the sculptures. Be sure anyone handling the sculptures has clean hands or uses gloves, preferably the white cotton gloves used for handling photos. In addition, like all wooden objects and particularly those without traditional chemical finishes, it is better to display the sculptures where they won't be exposed to direct sunshine. Other than that, the sculptures are to be enjoyed and won't be harmed by the loving caresses they attract.

Triumph construction
Differences in color will be noticed in the photos on the website. Though the sculptures are all made of hemlock, which when freshly sanded is fairly light in color, after the wood has sat for awhile and had a chance to oxidize, the wood darkens and gets richer as it ages. Beyond that, the sculpture photographs have hues resulting from different films, filters, and lighting, as well as black backgrounds, in order to achieve (usually) strongly contrasting effects to try to convey the power and calm these pieces radiate when seen in person.
Medici, 2000 (95 x 66 x 50 cm)
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